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Professional Make Up Artistry Diploma Course – Unit 3 (Full Time)

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Professional Make Up Artistry Diploma Course

(Unit 3 – Full Time)

NEW Unit 3 Course Commencement Dates

Tuesday to Thursday 10am – 3pm:
4th of July to 3rd of August
8th of August to 31st of August

Tuesday to Thursday 10am – 3pm:
4th of July to 3rd of August
1st of August to 31st of August

Tuesday to Thursday 10am – 3pm:
18th of July to 11th of August
1st of August to 31st of August

This course is for those who want to begin a career in the creative world of Make Up. At VanityX we teach you the skills and techniques but we also give you the support and experience to move forward in your desired direction.

You will learn everything from application, day to evening, bridal, Era, Trend and Catwalk looks, gain invaluable work experience, participate in photoshoots and lots more! Ensuring when you receive your diploma you are ready to start work immediately!

Our Industry based course attracts beginners, beauty therapists, ITEC & CIBTAC trained make up artists and those who have a love for make up.

Take a look at the areas you will cover over the 5 weeks:

  • Skin Care & Analysis
  • Tools of the Trade
  • How to Choose & Use Brushes
  • Hygiene & Sterilisation
  • How to choose & apply your base, foundation and concealer correctly
  • Face Charts – The Make Up Plan
  • Cosmetic Science
  • Contouring, Highlighting & Shading
  • Defining and Hiding Features
  • Choosing Eye shadow Colour’s
  • How to Perfect your Eye shadow Application
  • Eye shadow Blending techniques
  • Brow Defining
  • False Lash Application (Strip & Individual)
  • Perfecting Lip Liner
  • Choosing Blush & Lip Colour
  • Bridal Make Up Themes
  • Changing Make Up from Day to Night
  • Smokey Eye Techniques
  • Mature Make Up
  • Fashion/Glamour & Catwalk Make Up
  • Era Make Up
  • Male Make Up
  • Introduction to Special Effects
  • Work Experience – Possible Job Placement With Well Known Companies
  • Photo Shoots, Your Portfolio & Getting Started
  • Professional Conduct & Business Awareness
  • On going career support


Course Cost Includes The Following:

  • INGLOT Make Up Kit
  • A Customised VanityX Make Up Brush Set By Crownbrush
  • Text Book
  • VanityX T-Shirt (Uniform)
  • VanityX Hand Towel For Your Station
  • Photoshoots
  • 4 Professional Images Emailed (No Hidden Costs)
  • Work Experience – Continuous During & After Your Course
  • Discount Cards for Top Make Up Counters (Inglot, FACES, MAN, Make Up Forever & More)


Course Duration: 5 weeks


    • Three Days per week (Tuesday to Thursday 10am to 3pm)


Deposit Required: €200 (non-refundable)


Please call our office for details on payment plans. (01) 813 2718

Frquently asked questions:

Do you need to have a make up kit?
No at VanityX we provide you with your starter kit, this year we are delighted to be offering our students kits from INGLOT. The kit consist of an eyeshadow, blusher, contouring and lip palette, primer, gel liner and translucent powder. This kit is for you to keep 🙂 .We have a separate skin care and foundation kit to be shared amongst the class throughout your course. Our foundation brands range from high street to high end (Rimmel, INGLOT, Make Up Forever, MAC, FACES, Dior, Smashbox, Mabeline, Gosh, Armani and many many more). We do encourage students to begin to purchase products (with your tutors guidance) throughout your course, as when you leave VanityX our kits will not be at your disposal.  We recommend you wait until you have met and discussed kits with outside brands and your tutors.

Do I need to have experience to do this course?
Not at all, this course starts from beginner level, everyone starts from the beginning regardless of experience.

If I have already completed a make up course, would this course suit me?
This really depends on the course you have previously completed and how long ago it was. We get many students who have done previous courses or workshops who may have just covered the basics or who were just showed demonstrations without any real understading. At VanityX we pride ourselves on our teaching technique and course content. We teach you first the basics and understanding of make up artistry and then ensure you have the ability to use these techniques within the current make up industry. As the industry trends change are curriculum gets updated to reflect this. We also get many artists who wish to upskill or refresh their portfolios. In make up, learning is never ending, it’s the beauty of this industry.

Are there any additional costs involved?
You are required to print before and after images of your work, however at VanityX we try to ensure all costs are minimal and have secured a 50% discount with Harvey Normans for all students. Your tutors may suggest professional tools or products they use or have picked up throughout their careers, however this at the discression of the individual, you are not obligated to buy such products. We pride ourselves on value for money, we are the only college in the country offering this standard of training at this cost with your tools, products, literature, photoshoots and more included or supplied at no additional cost.

Can I pick and choose days I attend class?
No you must commit to the course times/days that are outlined by the course you register for.

Do I have to pay for my images from my photoshoot?
No these images are included, and each student receives them via email once we receive them back from the photographer. Note only students who pass the course and have paid all fee’s will receive their images.

Do I need a model for class?
No students work on each other during class time. Students are required to have a model for exams, assessments and photoshoots.

If I miss a class due to holidays or illness, do I get to make this class up?
This will depend on the subject matter you miss. If it is something new, you will arrange to make the class up with your tutor. If it is practice or revision you will be required to do this at home and present your tutor with before and after images of practice.

Can I fail this course?
Yes, this course is an intense training programme for those serious about entering into the make up industry. Students who fail will not receive their professional images. If a student fails he/she will be given the option to resit his/her examinations, in some cases additional training programmes will be offered. Note there is an additional fee for resitting examinations and additional training.

Is their an age restriction with this course?
The minimum age to do this course is 16 years of age. There is no age limit. To date we have students right up to the age of 50. Your never to old to learn.

Deposits and Payments
Deposits are non refundable and non transferable. If students enter our payment plan agreement they will be obligied to pay for the course in full regardless of the circumstances.


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