Shaunie Reilly Foley

Social Media & Event Management

Shaunie’s expertise in organising events has been going on since her playground days, as she remembers the days she organised her friends weddings! As she grew up Shaunie began organising slightly bigger events for brands such as O2, Three, Desperados, Heineken, 7up and the IRFU to name a few. Shaunie says she loves working in such a creative environment and witnessing such amazing talent from students and the VX team. You will mostly find Shaunie on our social media channels capturing all the mischief everyone gets up to here in VanityX, if she’s not there she is busy organising another one of our massive graduations! Shaunie is also a qualified makeup artist graduating from Senior College Dunlaoghaire with an ITEC Diploma back in 2013. Her other passion in life is trying to keep her fishies alive!! Shaunie still says she cant believe she gets to call this her job!